5 ERP Trends That You Should Know

Image for Blog 9From its inception, the warehouse and distribution management industry has been a hotbed of innovation. Warehouse and distribution management has become one of the most automated industries of all, and the pace is only quickening.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the trends to watch in warehouse/distribution management and ERP as 2014 enters the backstretch.




  1. Warehouse Automation Trends

Today, the entire physical process of stocking, picking, and loading can be automated through the transfer cars, auto-case dispensers, in-rack carts, auto-palletizers, conveyers, and more. Newer developments include pick to light technology (or paperless picking), intelligent inventory tagging through RFID, and cost-savings advanced in slotting analysis.


  1. Cloud Computing Trends

While the distribution industry has led the way for innovative AS/AR (automated storage and retrieval systems), many legacy ERPs and distribution management software systems have lagged behind. That will change as more cloud-based ERP systems are introduced and the demand for cloud solutions grows. Distributors are seeing significant cost savings and ease-of-use benefits, as well as the disappearance of IT management headaches.


  1. SaaS in The Cloud

The same firms that are adopting cloud solutions are warming up to subscription-based ERP as a service, which are provided by companies like Apero Solutions. By utilizing Software as a Service (SaaS), distributors are breaking free of the initial financial investment and management budget decisions posed by the traditional licensed on-premise systems, leaving them with more time and money to manage their businesses.


  1. Mobile ERP  

With the adoption of cloud and SaaS ERP solutions, distributors are realizing that they can obtain real-time access to information, regardless of where they are. In many cases, it’s essential for a warehouse manager to be able to access the ERP system using a phone or tablet rather than just a computer or laptop. The salesperson on the road needs to have immediate access to product information, stock levels, customer pricing and credit status. In today’s workplace, people expect mobile access anywhere, not just for reports and dashboards, but for conducting key business processes.


  1. The General Trend

Moving forward, we’ll see a widening gap of production and profitability between distributors stuck with old, rigid, inflexible ERP systems and those that are determined to grow (http://www.zdnet.com/troubling-challenging-2014-erp-predictions-7000024439/). The best businesses will have fleshed out competencies for many factors, including:

  • The successful exploitation of social content
  • Interpreting big data feeds
  • Understanding all manner of new mobile applications
  • Modern process designs


One of the great advantages of cloud hosted or SaaS deployment is that it isn’t the big rip-and-replace effort of implementing a new on-premise system. It enables your company to stay current with the latest updates and continue to optimize your business processes.

The team at Apero can help evaluate your system and make the recommendations that will ensure that you capitalize on the exciting trends in ERP and technology.<a href=”/Apero/contact-us”>Contact</a> us today to learn more.


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