6 Things Your Competitors are Gaining by Using Warehouse Management Systems

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For companies that are struggling to keep consistent records while dealing with over-stocked warehouses, shipping errors, and client satisfaction issues, it’s important to realize the benefits of implementing a Warehouse Management System. This is especially true since competition in the distribution domain continues to increase as companies become more automated and streamlined. If you haven’t looked at new Warehouse Management Systems, you could find yourself behind your contenders.

Here are a few of the many benefits a modern Warehouse Management System can offer companies:

  1. Automated handling processes – Between integrated barcode systems that gather and share data, flexible receiving procedures, built-in count logic, automatic product replenishment, improved quality assurance, lane-based shipping set-ups, pallet tracking, real-time order status, serial and lot control, and more, automation is transforming the face of hard goods distribution.
  2. Increased inventory accuracy – Reduce physical inventory levels by implementing cycle counting systems and optimize warehouse space. With more accurate inventory calculations, companies can avoid over-stocking and optimize their warehouse storage space. Financial controllers can even analyze the history of inventory activity to gain insights on how to improve efficiencies.
  3. Unified record keeping – It’s easy for inconsistencies to occur when various managers have different methods of record-keeping. A Warehouse Management System only allows one way to input and manage data, ensuring consistency between users.
  4. Lower labor costs – Eliminate mindless wandering from workers. With advanced tracking systems, warehouse inventories can be updated in real-time so pickers are always privy to how much of an item is in stock and exactly where that item is located. As a result, efficiency levels in picking and physical count tasks will see significant improvements.
  5. Streamlined new employee training – Rather than learning various methods of execution from multiple managers, new employees will be able to easily adjust to one systematic approach. In addition, new employees become efficient warehouse staff in significantly less time without the inherent knowledge of product and warehouse layout long term employees naturally acquire.
  6. Improved customer satisfaction – Eradicate warehouse errors and better meet customer needs with faster, more accurate receiving, put away, picking and shipping.

Overall, Warehouse Management Systems deliver countless benefits – from improved operations to increased savings through reducing inventory write-offs. It is important for organizations in the warehouse and distribution industry to keep pace with the latest technological trends and reduce the risk of falling behind competitors.

To discover how your company can utilize a Warehouse Management System – like Apero’s Pinpoint – contact an Apero expert today!


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