Business Conference 2020

Hosted by Apero Solutions
May 3 - 6 | Banff, Alberta, Canada

Program of Events

Opening Activities — Sunday

Welcome reception

Get settled into the beautiful Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Meet fellow conference guests, speakers, and the Apero Solutions team over appetizers and drinks at our evening reception.

Who to expect

Headshot of international management coach and speaker Donald Cooper

Keynote: Donald Cooper

Author of the Straight Talk management blog, Donald Cooper is an award-winning manufacturer, business mogul, and coach for businesses seeking transformation. Alongside insightful keynote presentations, Donald will share copies of his exclusive Business Assessment and Management Implementation Toolset. These tools and templates have helped thousands of Donald’s clients boost clarity of vision and profitability.

Other Featured Guests

Saher Ghattas headshot

Saher Ghattas

Author of Marketing Manager's Journey to the Summit

CEO of Flawless Inbound, one of Canada's leading organizations in sales and marketing enablement


More speakers will be announced soon.

What to expect — Monday to Wednesday

Session topics

Transform your business

Learn strategic approaches to achieving growth, competing with big box stores and e-Commerce, from key decisions and considerations for implementations or change management to expanding your business by crossing borders or adding e-Commerce.

The value of ERP

How can you better connect your business? Learn how a robust ERP and the right support can improve your processes, planning, decision-making in all departments. These sessions will show the best way to utilize your ERP to manage finance, pricing, rebates, service workorders, and more.

Grow globally

Learn from the experts about best practices to maintain profitability doing cross-border business. Hear from professionals and benefit from their advice, processes and experiences. Topics will cover a variety of subjects.

Technology tools for success

How can Business Intelligence support your operations? Why do you need warehouse management software (WMS)? Gain in-depth insights about the tools you can adopt for growth, productivity and more efficiencies across your business.

Gain in-depth insights about the tools you can adopt for growth, productivity and more efficiencies across your business.

  • How can Business Intelligence (BI) and CRM support your operations?
  • e-Commerce: Impact, threats and opportunities
    • Amazon marketplace
    • B2B vs B2C
    • Emerging competitors
    • Expanded borders, expanded opportunities

Driving Growth: Marketing and Sales

Who are the disrupters in your industry? How can you use ContinuousNext business strategy? Learn how to combine marketing and sales strategy to compete and keep up with economic and geographic change. Explore the benefits and challenges of sales tools like CRM and SalesXpress — and how they improve remote order entry and help sales personnel.

Inventory in Motion

Inventory is one of your largest investments.  How can you free up some of this capital? How do organizations benefit from Warehouse Management Software (WMS)? Learn how the experts manage this asset and discover solutions to common problems, tools and processes to improve inventory management.

More topics will be announced soon.

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