Do You Really Know What’s in Your Warehouse?

Image for Blog 4 UploadThe financial health of a distribution company depends heavily on the inventory that is stocked in the warehouse. Inefficient supply chain logistics that cause products not to turn or sell in appropriate time frames can be a crippling burden on organizations. For the distributor, the biggest investment is in their inventory and stock that is not moving equates to dollars not earning.

With disparate databases, key parts of an organization – like purchasing, finance, and sales – lack collaboration and synergy. As a result, replenishment and Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) can be inaccurate, which leaves budgets unbalanced and leads to lost sales and lost revenue. Add missing inventory, frequent out-of-stock items, lower staff productivity, and shipping inaccuracies, and companies can find themselves battling an army of problems.

Good Inventory management is the first step needed to get an all encompassing view of inventory and where products are physically stored in the warehouse. However, distributors in today’s competitive market need more than stand-alone systems; they need operation-wide integration that connects all pieces of an organization – from floor managers to accounting. Even sales associates must gain visibility into warehouse inventories to know which products to push more than others.

The answer comes in the form of Integrated Inventory Management software. With better views into warehouses, along with enhanced inter-operability company-wide, distribution businesses can derive valuable insights faster. This ability leads to increased efficiencies and – you guessed it – more money. More accurate financial reports also allow companies to gain sightlines into the health of company.

To get the most out of an Integrated Inventory Management solution, companies need to find software that can flex to meet specific functionality, avoid design obstacles, and still support demanding operations requirements. With enhanced integration at the heart of this software, an efficient design is essential. Apero allows you to modify applications to fit your company like no one else.

Latitude – Apero’s unique and adaptable solution – combines financials, sales, purchasing, and inventory management software to create an enterprise-grade, yet affordable, Integrated Inventory & Distribution Management solution. With Latitude, companies can not only see where a specific item is in their warehouses, but can also give purchasing, supply chain, finance, sales, and management united visibility into inventories.

With a rich set of features, Latitude offers integrated:

  • Inventory Management
  • Replenishment Management
  • Commission Management
  • Order Entry through multiple platforms including mobility
  • Point of Sale

Want to gain a first-hand glimpse at the affordable power behind Apero’s Integrated Inventory Management software? Contact an expert today and learn what Latitude can do for your distribution business!


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