Ensuring Successful Implementation the Apero Way

99682876Implementing a new software system can be simultaneously exciting and frustrating. It’s exciting because you can visualize multiple benefits of the new system and you’re eager to put them to work. You’re joining a new community, an ecosystem of users, and you’re excited about all the positive change and growth this investment will bring to your organization. Expectations are high.

We at Apero know your expectations are high, and our goal is to not only meet them, but exceed them. Latitude is designed to meet and exceed those expectations. By integrating financials, sales, purchasing, and inventory management into one modular system, Latitude can transform your distribution business with increased efficiencies and profits.

A successful implementation of any ERP system starts with education. Prior to the official step one, your Apero team will want to know what makes your business tick. Naturally, more will be revealed as we go, but once we’ve worn your shoes for a while we can start the formal seven step process. But, as with any important business investment, it takes time to realize the full benefit. That’s why we’ve designed the Apero Implementation Commitment Program. By carefully following our seven step process, you’ll be positioned for smooth sailing in the future.

1. Analysis: To be the most successful, we must first lay a solid foundation. Current and future business processes are thoroughly reviewed. Then the Project Plan is prepared, which includes identifying necessary preparations and team members involved, calculating the cost, and creating testing scenarios before initial training begins.

2. Design: The Apero team designs and builds a database to meet the jointly agreed-upon criteria.

3. Data Preparation: We spend time developing new concepts and optimizing product attributes for the finance team to develop a primary reporting schema. This happens concurrently with Step 4 at our offices and your office.

4. Operational Training: Data and design are reviewed and tested by the implementation team while Apero organizes training around specific user needs at your site.

5. Go-live: We join you while this goes live and are there for support and to answer any questions. By the time our team leaves, your staff will be able to excel at all of the day-to-day operations.

6. Month End Review: We return at the end of the first month to review operations and collaborate with the finance team to close month-end financial reports.

7. Six-Month Review: We return to your site again to check in on procedures, answer questions, observe how tasks are accomplished to make sure they are optimized, and review future plans.

It is important to remember that as you go through the Implementation Commitment process, every minute you and your team takes to fully understand how the system works is time spent toward maximizing your return on investment. At Apero, we’re as invested in your success as you are. We’re committed to the smoothest, most effective implementation possible.

To find out more about Apero Latitude and how to maximize your investment, please contact us today one of our representatives.

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