Apero Latitude version L2.20.10 released


Highlights for release L2.20.10 include:

• A/P: Customer rebate budgets added to A/P transactions – page 16
• A/P: Supplier cost load & cost factors – page 16
• A/P: Batch auto email functionality for A/P cheque stubs – page 19
• A/R: New indexed “Misc” field in customers – page 22
• A/R: Function to update Customer Fields from Excel CSV File – page 23
• I/M: New batch inventory write-off functionality – page 33
• I/M: New Synonym Inquiry Function for filtering results – page 36
• I/M: New AFS report by future buckets added to Latitude – page 41
• I/M: New ‘Syn-type’ option in product edit functions – page 46
• P/O: Excel load function for P/O order documents – page 50
• S/O: Option to retain FIFO layers in sales order stock transfers – page 56
• S/O: Stage report for stage-vals field – page 67
• S/O: Packing slip list report with cost report – page 68

Download the release notes from the Members Area

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