Apero Pinpoint version 34A released


Highlights of this Version:

Numerous changes to the RF Subsystem

  • New serialized pallet receiving mode has resulted in changes to the way label printing works in all receiving functions
  • Admin type privileges will allow designated users to select their own tasks types without Operator Setup changes
  • Paging system to help find misplaced equipment
  • Changes to suggested locations for putaways
  • Receiving Worksheet changes to support the use of RW documents and RW batches in Latitude
  • Bulk Order Approve changes
  • Default order release values can now be set by carrier
  • Enhances searching capabilities for the Ship Address field
  • More product identifiers can now be seen on the Task Management window
  • Python shipping users will now see “Notes” from picking documents on printed Packing Manifests
  • Several Latitude changes (mostly from version L2.20.05) that impact Pinpoint users have also been included in this release

Download the release notes from the Members Area



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