How is Apero’s Latitude Software Powered by Progress?

The Progress OpenEdge development environment provides technology that Apero uses to create the Latitude application, manage it’s data, and optimize the connection between the two.  It’s programming language, ABL (Advanced Business Language), provides Apero with powerful capabilities to meet even the most challenging customer requests for new features and functionality.  It gives Apero’s developers the power to meet the demands of today’s users; such as accessing a variety of data sources, integrating with other applications, or blending logic and processes to solve the most sophisticated business requirements while still maintaining the performance and response our customers expect.

Thousands of users generating millions of transactions every month require a robust, battle tested, business-focused application environment.  Latitude, developed with Progress OpenEdge, provides this environment.

The Progress OpenEdge RDBMS database boasts:
  • A lower total cost of ownership
  • „High availability and absolute reliability
  • „Extensive scalability
  • „A focus on mission-critical production systems

While having many high-availability features, it still retains a well deserved reputation of being easy to administer and requires little maintenance.

Progress OpenEdge RDBMS capabilities include:
  • Support for 32,000 concurrent users
  • Support for tables of up to 9 quintillion rows
  • Databases can grow to 5 exabytes
  • Support for up to 1 terabyte of memory
  • Stores data in compact forms, offering savings in disk and memory use


Gateway to the future

Both Apero and Progress have made significant investments in the future.  Apero is building the next generation of Latitude on the latest technology from Progress software.

The technology we are integrating into our product will allow Latitude to exchange information with other systems and to more effectively, in terms of cost, time and capabilities, support our customer’s business requirements.  Our distribution partners will use this to:

  • Enable multiple interfaces to the ERP application
  • Make strategic decisions based on more relevant data
  • Have deeper insight into their operation
  • Increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness

You can see the results of this work in our Latitude Web interface, the integration with Microsoft Dynamics, and our mobile applications.

To find out more about Progress and Apero, please contact us today.

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