Being able to efficiently track operational data is a must. Making sense of the data and turning it into a strategic tool for impactful decision-making is going a step further.

Apero Solutions can help you align your transactional data with powerful analytics software to turn insight into action. With our analytics integration ability, you can go from delayed batched reporting to real-time analysis as events unfold. We work with some of the leading analytics vendors and solutions in the marketplace to achieve seamless integration with the Latitude platform.

Supported 3rd Party Applications:

  • FormTrap
  • CRM
  • BarTender
  • Imaging101
  • DocuWare
  • Cyberquery

Real-Time Analytics to Improve the Bottom Line

While you may think that your business can analyze data in real time, you may not be gaining all of the insights you could be.

According to CIO Insights, 84% of CIOs believe their organization can analyze data in real-time, but only 42% of developers agree.

It’s no secret that intricate analytics can lead to more intelligent business decisions. The faster you can get the right analytics, the quicker your business can adapt to changes and challenges. Faster responses can lead to reduced cost, timely updates, and a stronger overall performance.

Real-time analytics can prevent flawed assumptions from impacting business growth. Inefficient processes can be quickly identified and addressed, and analytics can align IT processes to support business needs. You can move to reduce risks, increase revenue, decrease expenditures, and improve your customer’s experience with powerful analytics.

Solutions that are not seamlessly integrated may limit or reduce the accuracy of real-time analytics. Additionally, analytics must utilize quick algorithms that provide diagnosis and alternative options without much delay. With this in mind, Apero fully customizes and optimizes the Latitude platform for your company’s needs and 3rd party applications.

Analytics from the Latitude ERP Software

The Latitude ERP software synchronizes your applications into one system that provides stronger analytics and many other benefits. CIOs and CFOs can now retrieve the data they need from a single source. Latitude ERP software integrates financials, sales, purchasing, and inventory into a single, versatile platform. This wide, cross-operational integration supplies in-depth analytics. Additionally, exception-based reporting allows Latitude to identify issues in each of these areas so that you can quickly respond and take action.