Companion Implementation Program

Consulting & Business Analysis

We’re in business to help you optimize your business. As a company that’s dedicated to helping you achieve success, we take a consultative and analytical approach to identify your pain points. After determining this, we establish custom-fit solutions designed especially for you.

Apero executes a plan of action to assist your company in conquering your challenges. We’ll be with you every step of the way through our Implementation Commitment Program.


What is the Implementation Commitment Program?

This is a platform designed to ensure the implementation process proceeds as smoothly as possible. The program enables your organization to plan, manage, and develop a tailored enterprise-wide software solution. With this highly structured, proven implementation methodology, your business will be set up to complete the implementation of your solutions on schedule and on budget, maximize your investment, and obtain all of the advantages that the solution has to offer.


Getting to Know Your Business

The foundation of our implementation process starts with you, the user. We take the time to understand your current business processes and requirements before proceeding through the implementation phase. We want to know how and why you do the things you do. Once we get an understanding of your operational methodologies and objectives, we’ll tailor our applications to best meet your present and future needs. We also help you update and document your business processes within your new application framework.


The Commitment Implementation Program consists of seven clearly outlined steps:

Step 1. Analysis. The Apero Solutions team performs an in-depth, structured review of current and future business processes and documents the result of this analysis to review with your team.

Step 2. Design. Based on the evaluation and findings, the Apero Solutions team builds a project plan for implementation and training complete with your database structure to address core concerns.

Step 3. Data Preparation. Populating the database consists of data analysis, conversion, and data input.

Step 4. Operational Training. The Apero Solutions team customizes our training approaches to meet specific user needs.

Step 5. Go Live. We support you through the Go Live process on-site to ensure it’s a smooth launch.

Step 6. Month End. Apero is right there with you to help you complete your first financial month end and ensure you can extract the information you need on a daily, weekly, and periodic basis.

Step 7. Six-Month Review. After six months, your implementation team will check back with a formal review process to ensure the system is performing based on your initial and current requirements. We will review internal procedures and ensure they are working efficiently for your business and that your individual users are experiencing success in their day-to-day activities.


For more information on our custom 7 Step Process, download the ebook to learn more!



Our commitment to you is honest and strong. Throughout the implementation process and continuing through the years of our partnership, Apero’s support team will continue to work with your management and user groups to ensure your business processes and your software solutions will adapt to your changing needs. Whether it’s a quick training question, an innovative change to business process, or a new report format requirement, our support team is just a phone call or email away!

Uncover our commitment to making your business thrive.