CRM Integrations for ERP Software

Integrating CRM Applications

The Latitude ERP system offers flexible architecture and full-scale compatibility to work with a variety of third-party CRM applications.

Apero understands that our customers need to be able to extend their ERP capabilities with CRM, which is why the focus of the architecture has been on cross-functional integration. Latitude includes a suite of published API (Application Program Interface) services for integration.

Some of the CRM systems you can integrate with include:

  • Sugar CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SalesForce

Customizable Web Store APIs

Apero is committed to delivering the functionality you need in all environments, including your web store.

You might require additional functionality or features in the shopping experience that aren’t included with our Compass E-Commerce Solution. If that’s the case then our Latitude ERP includes a full suite of service-oriented architecture REST and web service APIs. The APIs will allow for collaboration between your selected third party web store and our Latitude ERP.

Refer to Documentation or We Can Customize Your Solution

Our web store services are fully documented. Meaning, if you have questions when setting up your API you’ll easily to find the answer to your query. Or if you’d prefer we do the heavy lifting our development team will work with you every step of the way. Our expert developers can help to modify your web store and we’ll customize our services to fit your web store needs.