Web Store

Third Party Web Stores

Apero is committed to delivering the functionality you need in all environments including your web store.  If you determine Compass does not include the customer shopping experience you require, Latitude includes a full suite of service-oriented REST and web service APIs to collaborate between your selected third party web store and our Latitude ERP.  Our web store services are fully documented, and our development team can work with you to modify and customize our integrated services to your web store needs.

Improving Your Website Infrastructure for a Better User Experience

A successful web store provides high-quality customer experience throughout the entire purchasing process. From search functions to the checkout process. Your users’ experiences can determine their willingness to shop at your web store again.

Salesforce references a Forrester study to further prove the importance of a positive user experience. Forrester found that 45% of shoppers abandon online purchases if they have unanswered concerns.

A strong IT infrastructure for your web store can immediately improve your customers’ experience.

On the internet, a business’ success hinges on unwavering scalability. A poor infrastructure can cause problems ranging from a slow website to increased downtime. The more shoppers you have, the worse the problem gets.

The Importance of Customer Experience

Important customer experience factors to consider include:

  • A secure hosting environment
  • Fast loading web pages
  • Logical Navigation
  • Personalized product recommendations

Web Store Analytics

Another aspect of a successful web store is the ability to leverage analytics. These tools enable you to track where your customers drop out of the process, where you could improve the performance of the web store, and track inventory quickly and easily. You can also leverage analytics to make store improvements on the front-end and back-end for continued growth.

Let’s work together to build an optimized web store that’s customized to your business, is ready to scale from the start, and ensures a great customer experience.