Who needs Superheroes? Empower your warehouse people!

If you’ve ever worked in a Image for Blog 8warehouse, or better yet managed one, you probably know or wish you had, that one warehouse “Superhero” who knows the place like the back of his hand. You know…the person with the near photographic memory. The one that could unload a truck, tell you what items were unloaded, tell you where each pallet went and describe each pallet that was received. Not only that, when the rush was on to find one of those pallets to fulfill an outbound shipment, could pick it out of the seemingly identical rows of pallet racking while other staff members are reduced to walking up and down each aisle looking skyward?


Now imagine your facility being run by an entire staff of superheroes!

Imagine being able to find your inventory without having to find the one “Superhero” first.

Think about not short-shipping your customers because the inventory your ERP represents is actually in your warehouse!

Think about being able to follow every inbound and outbound inventory transaction without having to hypnotize your staff in recalling repressed memories from days/weeks/months ago.

Think about how many productive man-hours of labour you will benefit from by providing your staff with the tools they need to be efficient and effective superheroes each business day.


The most powerful tool for keeping your warehouses organized and productive is a Warehouse Management System.

Apero Solutions offers Pinpoint, an integrated solution that improves warehouse efficiency through monitoring inventory locations, managing picking and put-away tasks, maximizing warehouse space, and improving and increasing fulfillment rates.

To learn more about warehouse management and efficiency,contact Apero Solutions today.


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