5 Key WMS Considerations

Regardless of whether you’re a small wholesale operation or a massive distribution chain that oversees hundreds of warehouses around the globe, you need the right warehouse management system (WMS), to maximize your business potential.  Inefficient systems not only slow down operations and distribution, they rob your organization of growth potential, additional revenue, good employees and customer satisfaction.   

Is your current or non-existent WMS system working for you? Here are 5 things to consider: 

1. Delays & Inefficiencies – The reason you adopted WMS was to automate your processes and ensure more efficient operations.  However, you’re finding your WMS is not keeping up with the increasing demands. This is often due to a “one size fits all approach” that doesn’t allow for the addition or tailoring of applications to meet your organization’s unique needs.  

2. Outdated Software – Irregular updates (or updates you’re afraid to install) should be a red flag. A great WMS provider should keep your software running smoothly with the latest and greatest changes and improvements. Your WMS should always keep enhancements at the forefront – continually adapting to make running your business easier. A good provider will listen to client feedback including enhancements and inefficiencies based on an everchanging business environment.   

3. Employee Satisfaction & Productivity – If your WMS is difficult to use or can’t keep up to current warehouse demands, it’s sure to make things hard on your employees. You may notice a higher employee turnover due to uneven workloads, a steep WMS learning curve, the inability to keep up based on slow software response times and other stress-related problems that could easily be avoided with the right WMS.   

4. Inadequate Product Support – Is your WMS provider hard to reach? Do you find operations falling behind because you can’t get the support you need when you need it? Is your provider prompt in managing your support tickets or are they more focused on selling you the latest software update? These are indicators that it may be time to move on.  

5. Customer Satisfaction & Retention – Eliminating errors saves you money. Hitting deadlines, fast picking and quick shipping, save you money and keep your customers happy. If your current WMS isn’t meeting your needs, your customers will also feel the impact. A faulty or inefficient WMS is costing your business money, time and credibility.   

Now that you understand how WMS can improve your operations it’s time to look for a new solution. Find out what to look for when choosing a WMS and how our WMS can help you get organized and keep you competitive in the marketplace.  Visit our resources pages to learn more. 

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