Latitude L2.20.25 - Highlights

  • All reports have now been validated in Engage:
  •    • Reports (grouped by module) documentation has been organized and updated, they are available in the new SharePoint Knowledge Library. Contact Apero Support if you do not yet have access. As the Apero Corporate Site - Customer Portal will be decommissioned this year, these reports have not been added there.
       • Existing documentation referencing these reports has also been updated and republished to both portals
       • A reports matrix will be published to the Reports – About page on the new SharePoint Knowledge Library when completed (soon!)

    Latitude L2.20.24 - Highlights
    • Several new and updates parameters – page 6 • I/R Add functionality for contract pricing to ship-debit logic (ship-debit is applied only for a specific contract-ID) – page 26

    Engage L2.20.24 - Highlights
    • Cleanup: the focus in this release was cleaning up missing functionality to bring Engage closer in line (within its existing functionality) to Latitude. Reports: We have done an incredible amount of work in this release to ensure that reports in Engage are working the same as in Latitude (character application). We still have some work to do but we will complete all the changes needed in the next release. Number of reports completed 821 Number of reports in development 67 Number of reports yet to be tested 25

    If you find you are unable to run a specific report in Engage, it is wise to see if it is working in Latitude first. The base report functionality belongs to Latitude, meaning that if the report is not functioning there, it will not function in Engage either, otherwise it may be that report is still under development / still being tested. Please forward your findings to your Apero support representative.

    In the next release we will have a report matrix published to the new Apero’s Resource Library. This will list all reports, their related modules and which Report Document their details are in. Reports that are referenced in the user guides will be removed and replaced with links to the official report documents. This will ensure that there is one source of information.

    Pinpoint WMS Release 38.01 – Highlights

    For facilities with high line counts on outbound picks, a new option for filtering active orders will allow you to see only the lines that are not yet complete. No more scrolling through 300+ lines to find the one that isn’t finished!

    Request Engine changes have been made to allow better use of cross-dock locations.

    Custom requests added:

    • support the printing of multiple different types of packing slips per shipment
    • allow more copy/paste functionality in ShipXpress
    • add a stage_mask field for optional use on RF Picking labels

    Optionally restrict the ability to pack LPs and their contents onto pallets.

    Bug fixes to ShipXpress LP hospitalization and “Return to Stock” functionality.


    This version contains several items that required changes in Pinpoint, Latitude and ShipXpress, or at least two of the three. As a result, the classification of features has not been as “cut and dried” as in previous releases. For the sake of clarity each new feature has been described in one place in this document.

    • RF display of “spec codes” to receivers
    • The addition of MSDS functionality to Pinpoint
    • The optional use of cists on inbound stock adjustments from Pinpoint
    • Passing of LP numbers and LP structure back to Latitude
    Download release notes

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