Software Release Notes

Latitude ERP

Latitude Release L2.20.19 – Highlights

  • Latitude integration to the BigCommerce eCommerce website
  • Latitude integration to Avalara AvaTax - Transactional tax calculation software
  • Payment processing integration to MiniBC Recurring Payments App, a credit card authorization system
  • New integration with eFORMz, forms creation software, for producing formatted forms
  • Excel export for A/P cheques formatted for ACH (Automated Clearing House) integration, The Clearing House
  • Active / inactive flag on customer address records used by address lookup
  • Last update date on customer address and contact records
  • Return components to stock in a BOM order functionality added as part of BOM transaction
  • Copy of freight on S/O Transfer packs to receiving worksheet
  • Option to prioritize specific orders to Pinpoint WMS

Latitude Engage L2.20.19 – Highlights

  • S/O Quote/order: “Add Options” button renamed to "More Actions" for clarity
  • New Features (full documentation available on the Customer Portal):
    • I/M Inventory transactions – Stock Adjust: feature has been added to Engage
    • SO Transfer Order: feature has been added to Engage
  • Notify / notifications – much work has been done to increase the functionality of manual and system notifications added to records
  • G/L Financial Statements update: the copy process has been changed to the standard way of copying data in Engage
  • G/L Financial Statements Sections updates:
    • the copy process has been changed to the standard way of copying data in Engage
    • the Line No field number generation has been updated to Engage standards
  • I/M negative-stock report – output-unit option has been added
  • I/M Product bin location / bin edit – several fixes
  • Consolidated ship/bill: indicator and link added to consolidated documents
  • S/O Post Date payment: ability to add receipt information to payment
  • S/O and S/W: add ability to re-open a closed order
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Pinpoint WMS

Pinpoint WMS Release 37.03 - Highlights

NOTE: Testing emphasis should be placed on confirming that all previously used RF picking and IR functionality still works for you, whether you use any of the new functionality developed in these areas or not. Significant changes needed to be made to incorporate some new validations that force RF operators to scan product identifiers that correspond to the unit of measure used on picking and IR tasks.

New functionality of interest includes:
  • .X functionality to release cycle counts that RF operators don’t have time to complete
  • Additional fields on the Order Management windows for credit card authorization information
  • “Send to Host” accountability
  • Development of an “extra” Latitude/Pinpoint link for passing high priority picks to Pinpoint
  • ShipXpress packing into LPs that are pick-staged but not ship-staged
  • Increased visibility in ShipXpress to shipping LPs that may not have been pick-staged yet
  • ShipXpress printing of shipping label PDF files

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Apero Trax Release Notes

  • A/P: supp.rename.load function for renaming batches of suppliers
  • A/P: Batch auto email functionality for A/P cheque stubs
  • A/R: cust.rename.load function for renaming batches of customers
  • C/M: Additional columns added to the excel output of commission.reg
  • S/O: New parameter for setting Currency-ID when using Reprice option

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