Software Release Notes

Latitude ERP

Highlights for release L2.20.17 Include:
A/R Changes to the customer contact-ID structure in Latitude page 22
I/M Dimension fields added to product EXP records (length, width, height) page 51
I/M synonym inquiry option to filter products based on potential stock page 54
I/R ship.debit.entry and customer rebate groups page 60
I/R ship.debit.entry – QF contact option page 62
P/O "Open Order" and "Open Quote" help list options in purchase order entry page 65
P/O "Open Ship" report to list variances on RMA ships (credit/replacement stock) page 66
P/O exchange rate of the credit notes generated from the PO Invoice page 68
P/O locking issue with the P/O control record page 72
S/O UID-list field added to carrier with validation in so.entry page 73
S/O Sequestering normal (not lotted) inventory for groups of customers page 75
S/O Auto-email option for receiving on S/O RMA page 75
S/O Cost factor defaults on receiving of S/O transfer worksheet page 77
S/O Customer rebate groups – new fields page 88
S/O Qualified contact (QF) contact linked to S/O order at header level page 89
WEB API integration for web store RMA page 98
S/O API integration for UPS ShipExec / Latitude page 99
Latitude Engage Highlights for release L2.20.17 Include:
A/P cheque in edit mode - add ability to print cheque details page 16
A/R Deposit - ar.deposit.gen button added page 18
P/O locking issue with the P/O control record page 20
S/O order contact information dialogue - changes to Contact No / ID fields page 22
S/O Credits – add ability to edit in S/O or A/R page 24
Consolidated Shipping function has been added to Engage page 25
Customer Management: Products tab - Sequestered Lots subtab completed page 27
Security Tools Templates for Engage – several updates and user manual available page 33
Sequestered Stock for normal products – several updates; See associated tickets starting on page 34 page 34
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Pinpoint WMS

MH10 testing recommendations: Due to the manner and extent of changes made to working with MH10s, for this version it is highly recommended to test in your test/stage before working with it in your live database. As each Customer uses this function in different ways, using a wide range of variations and variables, we may have missed specific combinations and would want to ensure we address any issues as soon as possible. Related MH10 tickets:
BacP: MH10 label printing from Pinpoint page 18
LPL: LPs deleted before MH10 records written page 23
P2mShip: MH10 data file field names don’t match Python page 30
P2mShip: “delay” printing not working page 32
P2mShip: Customer-specific MH10s parameter page 32
Highlights for release 37.01 Include:
RFInq: Print product labels from RF inquiry page 9
InvM: Add cost field to stock adjust window page 14
P2mShip: Outbound quarantine process page 27
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Apero Trax Release Notes

A/P: supp.rename.load function for renaming batches of suppliers Page 5
A/P: Batch auto email functionality for A/P cheque stubs Page 5
A/R: cust.rename.load function for renaming batches of customers Page 7
C/M: Additional columns added to the excel output of commission.reg Page 7
S/O: New parameter for setting Currency-ID when using Reprice option Page 8
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