Apero Latitude

Highlights for release L2.20.14 Include:

New B/I (Business Intelligence) exports and changes done to the S/O pack export page 16
Re-structure for Ship-debit type rebates and new functionality page 26
New “reverse” option in journal entry
Excel Load for Suggested Next
Excel Update of Product “EXP” fields
Updates for Blind Transfer functionality in Latitude and links for Pinpoint
New option in sales order entry to by-pass booking allocation for a specific order

Latitude Engage Highlights for release L2.20.14 include:

A/P invoice/credit/debit/cheque – distribution functionality updates page 11
A/P Invoice/credit/debit/cheque entry - link to rebate program added page 13
A/R Payment entry: Risk Cust tab added page 16
G/L new report: gen.led.detail available in Engage page 21
G/L Journal Inquiry: tab options added page 24
I/M Product Category setup: search for product / filter - new options page 27
P/O Receipt: cost per line unit added ($/Unit) page 29
P/O RMA: check onhand and AFS amounts tab added (Check OH/AFS) page 30
P/O Order: copy from S/O, S/W, BOM, ST’s to an order/quote added (review P/O section) page 29
S/O Entry: packing slip – MH10 tab and ability to generate labels added page 39
S/W Setup: technician functionality added (review S/W section) page 50
Several updates / additions have been made to the Engage Product (review Product section) page 55
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Apero Pinpoint Release Notes

Highlights for release L2.20.12 Include:

New serialized pallet receiving mode has resulted in changes to the way label printing works in all receiving functions
Admin type privileges will allow designated users to select their own tasks types without Operator Setup changes
Paging system to help find misplaced equipment
Changes to suggested locations for putaways
Receiving Worksheet changes to support the use of RW documents and RW batches in Latitude
Bulk Order Approve changes
Default order release values can now be set by carrier
Enhances searching capabilities for the Ship Address field
More product identifiers can now be seen on the Task Management window
Python shipping users will now see “Notes” from picking documents on printed Packing Manifests
Several Latitude changes (mostly from version L2.20.05) that impact Pinpoint users have also been included in this release
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Apero Trax Release Notes

A/P: supp.rename.load function for renaming batches of suppliers Page 5
A/P: Batch auto email functionality for A/P cheque stubs Page 5
A/R: cust.rename.load function for renaming batches of customers Page 7
C/M: Additional columns added to the excel output of commission.reg Page 7
S/O: New parameter for setting Currency-ID when using Reprice option Page 8
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