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It is important to know that when you choose Latitude ERP and Pinpoint WMS, you’re choosing products that will support your operations today and in the future.

We deliver a complete operations and financial platform that provides access to the data you need to execute operations and make decisions quickly and efficiently. We do this to help you deliver exceptional customer service.

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Distribution and manufacturing software

Distributors and manufacturers of all sizes have unique needs and face many of the same challenges. Apero Solutions provides products with the tools and functionality to meet common business requirements. They’re built with the flexibility to support your unique business needs.

Here are a few of the specific industries that can benefit from Apero Solutions ERP & WMS.


Our software and services improve efficiencies for customers, suppliers, warehouses and inventory management. Features include:

  • Kits and Bill of Materials
  • Lot & serial number tracking
  • Barcoding
  • FIFO layers
  • Return processing (RMA)
  • Consignment & vendor-managed inventory



We help manufacturers of chemicals, pet accessories, sports, clothing, food or beverage, and more. Our software’s feature-rich functionality includes work in progress (WIP), traceability, lots & serial numbers, suggested next, kits, BOM’s, attributed products (ie. size, color, gender), etc.


Plumbing, Electrical, Fasteners, HVAC & Lighting

In this type of distribution, product handling is a key area of focus. Because these distribution companies have many products to manage, Latitude ERP has built-in barcodes, SKUs, kits, and tools for cross-referencing, such as synonyms and attributes, to help with the overall inventory, order processing, picking, and product delivery.

Other major focuses in this industry are sales orders, invoicing, and AR/AP. Whether in the showroom or in a warehouse, Latitude ERP offers the ability to process individual or bulk orders in ways that meet your specific needs.

Plumbing – HVAC – Lighting - Heating

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