Latitude ERP Software

What is Apero's Latitude ERP Software?

Latitude ERP allows companies to automate and efficiently manage multiple aspects of their business — finances, customers, supply chains and much more. With our ERP system, your business will no longer struggle to integrate various software tools across different departments, divisions or branches. The system integrates it all, saving time and money, while providing your company with efficiency, productivity, information and business intelligence.

What is ERP Software?

Simply stated, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is business management software that is used to collect, manage, and interpret data from a variety of business activities. More broadly applied, ERP provides the ability to streamline the business model by coordinating resources and processes in ways that are not possible under previously segregated data systems. ERP is the primary means of eliminating the data silos that hamper productivity and drive up enterprise costs.

Why do you need it?

Latitude integrates financials, sales, purchasing, and inventory tasks through a flexible platform. This system is fully integrated and controls all aspects of your business including:
  • Finance (from payable, receivable, and inventory subledgers directly integrated to your general ledger)
  • Inventory control including bill of materials and inventory revaluation functionality
  • Sales processing via desktop, web and mobility
  • Purchasing based on user selections of simple to complex strategies controlled by specific product and location
  • Customer and supplier rebate processing, light service work order tracking, commissions reporting, Bill of Materials and EDI integration

How is Latitude Different?

A significant advantage businesses gain with Latitude is enhanced flexibility through a user-friendly interface and customizable programming options. We specialize in custom-fit solutions to meet the changing needs of your growing company.
  • Consistent user interface interactivity across all modules
  • Attributed inventory to easily configure like-items and maximize efficiency for product setup and price as well as cost maintenance
  • Reduced time to process customer and supplier transactions
  • Customizable automated price calculations for every customer and order
  • True landed cost based on what you actually paid secured by user and department
  • Complete visibility of customer and supplier transactions
  • Monitoring of product inventory levels and purchasing requirements for single or multiple locations
  • Exception-based reporting to identify key inventory, sales, purchasing, and financial issues

Who is it for?

As a wholesaler, distributor or supplier, you will be able to offer better customer service due to accurate inventory information.
  • As a CFO, you will be able to calculate and keep track of real costs.
  • As a CEO, you will have the visibility to be able to reduce costs and increase profits.
  • As a Warehouse Manager, you will be able to improve productivity (and profits) while increasing customer satisfaction.

Gain efficiencies through one integrated system

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