Refer a friend

Do you know someone in business who is struggling with their ERP, financial, distribution, or inventory management software? Do you have friends or colleagues in other industries who have yet to find a comprehensive ERP system? Are you highly satisfied with our service? Let us help them—and we will help you, too!

We are offering an incentive program for partners who provide successful referral leads for Apero Solutions. All you have to do is send us a message about the company you want to refer and tell us how you believe they could benefit from our products and services. If we sign a contract with them, you get a $5,000 credit on your account*. It's that simple.

We're looking for companies with:

  • More than 15 employees
  • Inventory or distribution management needs
  • Looking to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy

*Only applies to leads Apero currently has no relationship with.

Lead Requirements

*Please read before submitting a lead.

  • You or someone in your organization should have a current relationship with the lead.
  • By submitting, you agree that you are willing to provide an introduction between Apero Solutions and the lead company.