Sales & Service Work Order pick document management made EASIER! 


Looking to give your warehouse pickers more functionality than a paper pick can provide?

Apero’s new PickXpress mobile application is the solution for you!

PickXpress allows your users to view / process picks live as they are generated in the system, making the need for paper pick tickets obsolete

PickXpress provides the person physically picking products in the warehouse the ability to update pick quantities, scan serials/lots and manage shipping information for Pick documents in real time through its lifecycle using a tablet or web browser enabled device. Updates made to pick document details in PickXpress are time-stamped, synchronized and accessible from Latitude/Engage to provide a view of the document’s progress through the warehouse.

Quick Pick processing

Move and manage the Pick document through its lifecycle from
Start - Pick - Pack - Stage - Ship - Delivery - Invoice.

Signature & photo capture

Easily capture hand-written signatures right from inside the app to confirm customer pick up and delivery
Use the device’s camera to capture and save any relevant photos to confirm pick-up / delivery

Manage other Pick document details

  • Email copies of the pick and pack documents to your customers with a few clicks directly from the application
  • Add new lines to the order from within the pick document if a customer has a last-minute addition to the order without having to regenerate a new pick
  • Add / update notes on the pick and details such as shipping address / contact information, carrier tracking and shipping charges
  • Stage pick or pack documents

  • Role-based access

  • Assign role(s) to operators to define what tasks they can perform: Picker, Confirmer, Shipper, Manager
  • Control who sees documents based on their status in the warehouse
  • Assign individual operators to pick teams to control which picks are available to them for processing

  • Contact to see if your company would benefit from PickXpress in your warehouse.

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