Keep Sales Mobile with ERP Software


A customized ERP solution for sales

Targeted mobility applications are becoming essential to any company offering. Apero understands that catering to the needs of internal users and meeting customer expectations are vital for growth — that's why we offer mobile applications like SalesXpress. This gives the “on the road” salesperson the functionality they require to view inventory levels, product information, check a customer’s account status, and place orders all on an android or iOS mobile device.

Apero’s unique development environment also offers quick, cost efficient, and effective custom mobility opportunities for your business. If you need a solution for a specific targeted process on a mobile platform, Apero can work with you to design, create, and implement it — in addition to quick and easy development and full data integration to our Latitude ERP.

Why SalesXpress?

SalesXpress is designed to simplify the order taking process for the mobile sales force. SalesXpress connects directly to Latitude ERP, making it easier for sales professionals to work efficiently and productively and provide exceptional customer service.

Outside Sales – Empowered for success

SalesXpress mobile application goes beyond orders. By being directly connected to the Latitude ERP database, SalesXpress is fully integrated and includes real-time stock levels and customer specific pricing.

    Benefits of mobile ERP solutions

  • Submit new orders from the client office
  • Real-time visibility to inventory levels
  • Current order status
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Past purchases and order history

Our SalesXpress Mobile App is a powerful tool for your outside sales team. Extend its functionality with our Latitude ERP solution.

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